Barbican Research Associates

                    providing an integrated post-excavation service for the archaeological community





Barbican Research Associates has been set up to provide an integrated post-excavation service for the archaeological community. The developments in professional archaeology over the past years have left many units without in-house expertise in many areas. Frequently problems can arise in putting together appropriate teams of outside specialists, or simply knowing who the appropriate person to contact is. This is where Barbican can help you.


We can organise all your specialist post-excavation needs from identifying the best specialists for particular projects to delivering integrated final reports. The directors have a wide range of archaeological expertise themselves, and many contacts throughout the specialist communities. Our extensive experience in working on many different types of projects will enable us to create ideal solutions to your problems.


We can organise in-house training for your staff, advise on project designs and assessments, and help you rescue old projects and publish them successfully. If you have a post-excavation problem, contact Barbican Research Associates and let us help.


We believe in encouraging younger scholars and to this end have regularly provided bursaries for students and our team members to attend conferences. If you would like to know more about this, please look on our conference page.

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